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Cytometry Application Software

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  • IDLLogo Idl PROGRAMS for evaluation of cytometrical projects

    A cytometrical project consists of specimens (German Praeparat) and a parameter set for handeling the project. Each specimen consists of objects, in cytometry typically images of cells, eventually the mask images for each object and background images (German Weissbild). Objects are either digital images in our private format called DTP-file or tif-images. In DTP-file format the object image can contain in the least significant bit the mask for the region of interest. In scene mode this can be a set of regions. Tif-images need for this purpose a separate DTP-file containing the mask(s).

    The evaluation of a project consists of the processing steps Image gathering (definition of objects), Image segmentation (definition of regions of interest), Feature evaluation (calculation of morphological, densitometrical, textural and achitectural features) and Statistical data evaluation (correlation of external project, specimen and object data with internal ones, supervised classification, unsuperwised classification, testing)

    • pickproject UI PICKPROJECT

      Graphical user interface (GUI) for general users for selection of projects, specimens and objects. The following programs can be activated from the GUI. References point to short descriptions.

      Lists actual state of Project

    • W_TEST
      Tests actual state of background images

      Calculates for all objects of a specimen either automatic thresholds or generates the masks for the regions of interest.

    • threshold UI SCHWELLE_K
      Interactive control, change and enhancement of thresholds or masks of an object

    • specimen UI show specimen UI PRAEPARAT_ZEIGEN
      Display of objects of a specimen with or without mask display overlay. Additionally it allows the selection of objects to be changed by SCHWELLE_K

      Calculates features for each object of a specimen

      Shows project parameters controlling the way of defining regions of interest and feature calculation

      Sets project parameters

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