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Escher Metamorphose

I am mathematician and electrical engineer. I work as researcher in the field of digital image analysis with emphasis to the analysis of microscopical images from bio-medical fields (see also Cytometry or Modelling).



Cell nuclei (fibroblasts)

My main interests are focussed on the development of methods and programs for segmentation, feature extraction, -evaluation and -display. The quantitation of more or less visual entities from two or higher dimensional digital data is a challenging task, full of surprises and always new experiences. Especially the exchange between different domain experts: biologists, physicians, mathematicians, computer scientists, to find the adequate representation in descriptive as well as quantitative terms is a never ending story.

Ongoing work

ongoing Work

Some ongoing work is listed here concerning

  • spatial relationships of bacteria,
  • spatio-temporal analysis in functional MRI,
  • automatical recognition of phytoplankton and
  • morpho- and densitometric approaches.

See also the flyers here and here.


My publications can be found here (articles and others also
searched by Google Scholar, PubMed, some talks and some reports.

IDL goodies


My famous development tool is IDL from EXELIS, Boulder, Colorado, formerly rsi (further links). Some idl sources can be found here.

Very helpful is also the large and useful image analysis package ImageJ, rspw. Fiji or Icy.


a mighty 2D and 3D processing and conversion freeware tool (command version and Gimp plugin) with powerful inherent script language and applicability with Gimp and other image processing applications. Builds for WIndows, Linux and Mac can be downloaded


These sites are worth to be looked at!

Morphologie Mathématique

... with mamba but also Pink as a very useful academic implementation of mathematical morphology tools.



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