WWW/IDL Command Form

This form allows users to enter an IDL program, execute it on a remote server in batch mode, and display the text/graphics output. This form is a demonstration interface for its potential functionality and is not intented for serious IDL usage.

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Sample programs:

1) Create a sinewave function with a frequency that increases over time and plot:
original = sin((findgen(200)/35)^2.5)
plot, original
2) Create two arrays of numbers, show the arrays, and display a bar_plot of one overlaid with an XY-Plot of the other:
loadct, 1
x = [ 12, 34, 112, 200, 100, 34, 50 ]
y = [ 14, 100, 200, 50, 18, 30, 76 ]
print, x, y
bar_plot, x, TITLE='Sample Bar Plot', /OUTLINE
oplot, y, COLOR=255

3) Draw an orthographic projection:

map_set, 30, -100, 0, /ORTHO, /GRID, /CONT, /LABEL

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