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Institute of Biomathematics and Biometry
Mathematical Modelling in Ecology and Biosciences

IDL Introduction


For first informations and trials there is a Web-based idl access under Some web references can be found under To access idl directly on unix machines at GSF the following steps have to be fulfilled:
  1. Import NFS file system /idl from janus.gsf.de to /IDL on your local machine.

  2. Actually there is version idl 5.2.1 with several existing architectures.
  3. Setup idl by: source /IDL/IDL_setup
  4. Start idl by: idl (terminal input) or idlde (X development environment).

  5. Xemacs users can load the files idl.el and idl-shell.el from /IDL/pro_src/emacs/ to have an emacs development environment.
  6. For beginners type idlinfo at the idl prompter or try the WWW interface.

  7. Lots of example procedures/functions can be found under /IDL/pro_src/....
    For any questions ask me.

Last modified: 18.10.2004